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Co2 cascade rack

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Product Description

Co2 cascade rack

• Cascaded medium and Low temperature racks meet load requirement of large/medium size supermarkets and cold rooms.

• Medium temperature system uses R134a while low temperature system uses CO2 (R744)

• CO2 is a natural and environment friendly refrigerant, ODP=1, GWP=1, nonpoisonous and nonflammable. 

• CO2 has good flow characteristics and high unit volume cooling capacity. It significantly reduces the size of tube and all components in the system compared with traditional freon system. 

• MT system has digital energy regulating features and LT system has inverter. It can provide stepless capacity modulation within the load range of 20%~100%. This feature saves energy and reduces on-off cycle times of compressor and temperature fluctuation of cold room. 

• Stably controlled condensing temperature of LT system makes system reliable.

• Auxiliary refrigeration unit prevents the LT system from over-high pressure when system in long time idle.

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