Heat Pipe Air Preheater

Brief Description

Product Description


Anti-corrosion for heat pipe used
Compact and small occupation of room
Flue gas and air are seperated, no any leakage
Free expansion, no temperature difference stress
No rotation parts, low cost of maintenance

Technical Data

Separated Type Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger is a heat exchanger evolved from normal heat pipe heat exchanger. The hot side and the cold side are separated, and they are connected with outside pipe lines. The flue gas and the water are separated. 
The structure of Separated type heat pipe heat exchanger is as above picture. It is made up of flue gas heat exchanger, gas(air) heater, riser pipe and down comer. The flue gas heat exchanger is mainly made up of casing and fin tube bundles. 
Inside each casing, there are many fin tubes and upper headers and lower headers. The hot side and the cold side are connected with riser and down comer, then they formed the heat pipe unit. 
a. The hot side and the cold side are separated, heat can be transferred for long distance. So it is easy to arrange at the site. And this creates good conditions for fabrication of large equipment, energy utilization, system optimization. 
b. Circulation of working medium rely on level difference and density difference. No outside force and rotating equipment are needed. This makes the equipment very safe and reliable. And it need less fees to operate. 
c. Hot side and cold side are separated, it is easy to separate and seal the working fluid. So it is suitable for heat transfer of dangerous fluid. And it can realize one fluid exchanges heat with several fluids at the same time. 
d. Material and structure characters of hot side and cold side can be chose according to characters of cold fluid and hot fluid. So the dew corrosion and fouling problem can be solved effectively. 
e. According to requirements of procedure, the working fluid can be arranged current flow with countercurrent flow to suit to wide temperature range.
f. This equipment is made up of several heat pipe panels. Each panel is independent to each other. One panel damaged will not affect the whole system. So it is safe to operate.
g. The working fluid can be regenerated if the performance is degraded. So the life will be longer than normal heat pipe heat exchangers.


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