Radial Heat Pipe Economizer

Brief Description

Product Description


Weld joints are outside of ducts, it’s easy to maintain

Compact, High efficiency, low pressure drop

Anti-corrosion of dew point corrosion

Not easy to block of ash

Technical Data

Factor for dew point corrosion
     Because of there is sulfur in the flue gas, when the temperature of tube wall is lower than the dew point, the SOx will condensate to acid, then the acid will corrode the tube. And the ash will be sticked to the tube wall. For the same range  of  temperature  drop,  heat pipe is better than normal heat exchanger.

Heat transfer process for normal heat exchanger
     Flue gas →Tube →Water

Heat transfer process for heat pipe economizer 
     Flue gas →tube →working fluid →tube →water


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