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central chiller

Brief Description

1. Compressor: Vortex type compressor, adopt international brand fully enclosed vortex type maintenance-free compressor;

2. Heat exchanger: 5HP or bigger model, use high-efficiency shell and tube evaporator and condenser ;

3. Control system: Our own cotrol system, simple operation, accurate control;

4. Man-machine interface: The use of a well-known brand controller and control interface, digital display, one key operation;

5. Water tank: Adopt the overall design and manufacture, the built-in standard high-efficiency centrifugal pipeline pump, 304 stainless steel storage tank;

6. Different series of scroll compressors are used to meet different needs. Refrigeration water temperature can be adjusted from 15 degrees to -35 degrees, while sophisticated technology ensures working stability under extreme conditions;

7. The choice of environmental protection type: R407C, R134a.

Product Description

Water chiller parameters (output temp 7℃)


1.Freezing water inlet temperature 12 ℃, freezing water outlet temperature 7 ℃; cooling water inlet temperature of 30 ℃, cooling water outlet temperature of 35 ℃;
2.Temperature conditions: Freezing water outlet temperature range 5 ℃ -15 ℃, cooling water inlet temperature range 19 ℃ -33 ℃; 
3.Safe operating range: Freezing water inlet temperature 9℃-20℃; 
4. The using compressor is a closed turbine imported from Europe and theUnited States, superior performance, strong ability of anti-effusion;
5. Nominal operating conditions in the evaporator and condenser water side fouling factor of 0.018m²℃/kw, condenser water side fouling factor of 0.044 m²℃/kw;
6. Water side of the evaporator and condenser, designed to withstand a pressure of 1.0MPa;
7. The actual head of Host is that the pump head minus head losses within the host;
8. In addition to the specifications and requirements. We can provide non-standard products according to customer requirements.

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