Cold Storage for Food

Brief Description
1. Light weight can reduce building expenses.

2. Time can be saved on a building project due to the simple installation.

3. Both polyester cores of the panels are fire proof and meet the relevant standards completely.

4. Good durability with special coating, the warranty of the color coated steel is 10-15years, life of the panels can be up to 35 years with spary-painting antirust on the steel sheet every 10 years.

5. Wide range of material for your choice: rock wool, polystyrene and polyurethane etc. These material have low heat coefficient and excellent for hot or cold temperature insulation.

6. Good sound insulation can be up to 40-50 decibels.

7. The press steel sheet has clear edges and panels are available in various colors. They meet the requirements for different styles of building materials and are beautiful and elegant.

8. Ideal for special designs because they are easy to form and cut.

9. Good fire-proof equipments, we choose High sensitivity air sampling smoke fire detector, so it can give warning signal in the early stage of fire.

Product Description

1.  Panels:
Our cold room use insulation panel: use 100% polyurethane insulation panel, density is about 38~46kg/m3,with gasket, with flame retardant, panel thickness is 100mm~200mm, standard width of panel is 960mm.
Polyurethane insulation board design for cold room, the main steel structure to facilitate construction. Portable sliding doors, and out of cold storage more convenient, easy to operate.

office Foam panel

50mm thickness

processing room 10ºC

50mm/ 75mm PU


75mm/ 100mm PU


100mm/ 150mm PU

-25ºC -35ºC

150mm/200mm PU

panel steel cover

SS, GI, aluminum etc

2.  Door:
1).Hinge door and sliding door for choice.
2).Door board made with special pressing technology PU material.
3).Door frame: color steel or stainless steel.
4).Surface material: color steel or stainless steel with protecting film.
3.  Room size type

Room size




volume range




4. Temperature table for reference

Cold storage goods

temperature range

Processing room


Fruit, vegetable, dry food


Medicine, cake, pastry, chemical material


Ice storage room


Fish, meat storage


Deep freezer.


5. Compressor type and condenser

Compressor type






Air cooled

Water cooled


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